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Reviews for "Spanish Pirate Robot Fren"

Make a game with this!

Please, someone, make a game with this music. im thinking some sort of pirate themed fighting game

... Awesome! How do you do that? XD

Seriously, what program do you use for 8-bit stuff like that? It could be useful.

Anyway, this song sounds like a good boss battle theme involving pirates. I can hear the theme of the pirate in this 8-bit thing, but not the Spanish. Care to elaborate so I can understand?

commandycan responds:

the program i used is called famitracker. if you don't know how tracker programs work you might have some trouble going into it but once you get the hang of it it's an easy system to work with.

Some people work with Fruity Loops and download 8-bit sounds; it's technically not real 8-bit, you can emulate the sounds almost exactly, but you're not gonna be able to transfer it to a cartridge and play it on an actual NES or anything.

other than that, you have ppmck for 8-bit which, as far as I've heard, is pretty difficult to get the hang of. there's other tracker programs that you can look for like MilkyTracker, but if you want 8-bit specifically without going through any hoops it's best just to go to FamiTracker.

as far as the title, the spanish part was just an added adjective to make the title "over-the-top." didn't want to go with caribbean pirate robot frenzy because then people might make the mistake of trying to draw similarities to the music in the pirates of the caribbean movies to this song. spanish pirates have existed in some point of time, the name sort of fit, I went for it.

Wow,surprised me.

I did not expect this awesomeness. Whered you get the idea/inspiration for this if you dont mind m asking?

commandycan responds:

no specific inspiration, there was an 8-bit competition and there was a deadline, both of which can actually serve to be some great motivators. i wanted to make a good impression!



Sweet Jesus!

I had an 8-bit-gasm. I love 8-bit, and I would love to make 8-bit (but FL won't cooperate).
More to the point, this is great. It's my new ringtone. And it goes into my iPod.
Bless your heart.