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Reviews for "Sam D. Hyde-A Day To Remember"


could i put this on in my bed room to see if it could help with my musical ear

TheRealSam responds:

Yes you could, but I'm not sure if that'd help :p


Sounds good :)

TheRealSam responds:

Thanks! :)


a day to remember are actually talking about the band. but the song is beast, so beast. this is stuff for a true metal freak like us

TheRealSam responds:

Truth is that I didn't even knew the band when I named this song, I found out that it existed by seeing its name on one of my friend's shirt and saying "hey, that's the name of my song"
Thanks for the review ^^

Straight in my favs!

I was looking for songs like this in the entire audio portal.. this is the real heavy metal.. just if you added up some vocals would have been epic.

TheRealSam responds:

Yeah I wanted to at first, but now my tastes have changed and I got a bit bored of this song by listening to it over and over again to find which parts to improve etc. If you feel like recording some vocals over it, go ahead! :)
Thanks a lot ^^


Breakdowns everywhere. Other than that it's decent. I actually kinda liked the strong bass kick.

TheRealSam responds:

Breakdowns EVERYWHERE.
This song is quite old, that maybe an explanation. Thanks for the review ^^