Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak: Part2"


im geussin i needed to watch part one to understand it, but it was still pretty tight. that monster thing was kind of a rip off of nemisis from RE3, but still freaky as hell.

Marcomatic responds:

Rip off from nemesis eh? I love Resident evil as well as Silent hill. They were a few of my base inspirations for this film, especially the tragic events of the Jewish Holocaust in WW2
thanks for your support



very good animation. very good story line. makings of a great series. good work man keep it up, and bl on the bad computer, maybe you should think about getting some voice actors to help.


gj, more pleaseeee

That was great but.

Credit says animation and voices by you.. But i didn't hear any voices. You lying scum bag!

Marcomatic responds:

lol , If you watch part one then maybe you'll find a few voices. This was originally meant to be one whole film but had to cut it down into 2 parts because of file size.


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