Reviews for "Sketchpad 2"

Pretty Nice

The menu is quite unreadable due to small text, and at first I didn't understand what this movie was about. BUT: It gives good advice on how to draw things! I had naver seen these kind of things before. :)

Good Job

Blakant responds:

Oh, thx..
Rlly appreciate u spent ur precious time with my humble art work, lol

Yeah, its kinda boring.
Well, thats what learning is all about, right? LOL


that was AWESOME.
im sorry i had to pull out, but its good to see you actually used some of my ideas, which were done very well!

yay, im in the credits!

Very useful!

I'm glad somebody had the thoughtfulness to teach me how to draw a desert background, I had no idea how to draw triangles on a horizontal plane. The hands were useful as well as I had no concept of how to draw them, me not having hands myself. I am typing this with my nose.

You should draw everybody's animations, that way Newgrounds would all be perfect and the same, just the way you like it.

Thank you for the informative Flash, I will send you my .fla's so that you may approve of my artistry.

Blakant responds:

Oh, rlly?
Thx for b'lieving me.. hehe


BUT WHY GOD! WHY THAT MUSIC OVER AND OVER AND OVER. what does the song have anything to do with sketching. its a christmass song....i now have that burned into my subconsious mind. my eardrums have been permeated with the 1865 William Chatterton Dix song "the manger throne"(whiche would later be called "what child is this")on a repeating loop
but no seriously....i didnt like the music.
the rest was ok. thanks for teaching me how to draw a dragon head.

decent tutorial

I thought it was a pretty decent tutorial... there's ONE thing i wish you'd add though (but it might not be so easy to add in : \ )

I wish there was a way to toggle a "2x speed" or something like that. Some way to make it go faster and slower at the click of a button.
That way, if you want a quick overview, you can look at the fast version to get a general idea of how to draw something. If you still need help, then you can look at the slower, normal speed version.

Blakant responds:

Alright, maybe in Sketchpad 3.

I'll ask someone who might nkow how to do it, thx for ur time wif the review!