Reviews for "Sketchpad 2"

Nice stuff

This was helpful. I liked the hands one & the Desert background :)


The way the movie goes was really nice...but the drawings weren't proportionate. The muscular body had the arms to short. The hands go down to about 1/4 of the leg. The face had the lower jaw to big...like an ape.

Blakant responds:

Well, Im not an anime (Japanese) artist who ALWAYS draw perfect face.
In human face, they should be some lack of beauty, this made the face look more alive.

Ty for the review.


it was interesting. but fairly boring n time consuming. speed things up a little bit n mayb some better music to make it seem cooler

Blakant responds:

Well, its IS learning, in my book...
All learning can be boring, although ur learning something ur interested!


Great collab that... final products look as realistic as you could get em. really took ur time to make it great

Blakant responds:

Yeah, only took us 3 days or less...
I dint got any more idea dat might help ppl wif their drawing..

I need something dat ppl always failed to draw perfectly..


that was cool man
it just goes to show that each and every single line is important
at first they may not appear to be anything but more and more lines put together makes a masterpiece (or a really good drawing)

reminds me of what an artist once said
"the first brush strokes are the hardest"
Keep it up!

Blakant responds:

Hey, nice word.. man
Rlly glad u enjoyed it, cuz I rlly want ppl to appreciate my work, tho it have something unperfect in it.