Reviews for "Choose Your Character 2"

You know I always wanted to make a character roster of my own in flash. But I settled for just drawing my own.

But hey still fun stuff.

Carbonwater responds:

True. Also I remember the coding for this being super basic, so if I could do it couldn't be that hard.

Secret character
A Thief Live on The Edge
of society,steals daily just
so he can survive.

-misses the taste of

Cool but

NO Kiln!!! he was my favorite


pretty good but i found a glitch, when the screen apears with "PLAY" in big letters right click and select play, it will go to a error bio with "////error" as the name, no picture and under info it has" justinbailey narpassword error". if you want the extra characters just right click and select play to cycle thru the characters, after "lavid detterman" it goes to a flashing screen saying "not happening buddy" or something like that.


Just started looking at your flash! Are these characters used in your movies?
Guessing so
I want to see all the characters so if you make a 3, please so all charaters

Note to other reviewers: Do not review this game by saying
It should a fighting game! It sux if it isn't! Change it!

Choose a character read info about it and thats it
do not compare games to other games (or movies)

Carbonwater responds:

A lot of these characters were designed to appear in my movies, but many of them were never used.

I suppose I can always use them in the future though.