Reviews for "Choose Your Character 2"

This isn't really a game.

This game is pretty much what the title implies. How do you play the game? You CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!! YAAAY!! Oh wait... you don't get to play as them though. You just... choose one. It ends there.

Sorry, but since you're so adamant about not making this a fighting game, I am officially disappointed and kind of angry. Kind of.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is corny

i made a list of things wrong with this flash
1.its not a game its just interactive
2.u sould make this into an fighting game that would it better
3.this sould be blammed
it deserves an one for effort

what the...

im not even sure if i got to the game or not. i thought itd be something interesting with a rating like that, but its nothing. theres not even a game to it. this thing needs plot, storyline(besides the bios) and a point! are there even actual characters of most of these people on other flashes, or something?!?! On a plus side though, art is AMAZING!!! it sounds like you have a good imagination from what i read, so please work on something that makes sense to display. 3 for the art.


if you have ever submitted anything cant be botherd to look to see, but it says either "video" or "game/interactive" this is obviously interactive.

random and i like the darth maul one lolol



My main objection to this is that it isn't actually a game, there is no challenge fun or enjoyment in it.

I can see that it has been well thought up and I respect that you have worked hard on it, but it should have been posted as a slide show or as a short film.