Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"

A bit hypocritical if you ask me.

So, when you do random, fast-paced, sophomoric, and badly animated flashes it rocks, but when Egoraptor does random, fast-paced, sophomoric, and badly animated flashes it's somehow terrible? Egoraptor is hilarious and so are your flashes, and I'd say your styles are pretty damn similar.

Hell, Its for effort.

Your claim that Egoraptor has no talent is shocking, simply because you made a parody that didn't even come close to TRYING to parody him. This was not funny, really, and the animation was pitiful. In your attempt at smearing Egoraptor's work you made something that doesn't come close to his quality. If you wish to bring someone down, you have to do one better than them, not submit garbage to the portal and think you have done your job. I am an Egoraptor fan, but I can accept parodies of those I like if they are well-thought out and well done. This, unfortunately, was neither.

mixed feelings

this is actually pretty funny but the animation is terrrible . fix it and you could have something really good. also because you make fun of a popular artist people will not take the jokes seriously. they will freak out.. but you could be really good your humor is pretty good once again.


You know the flash with frame by frame animation is better than the flash that calls it garbage and says you have to 'imagine' that it is frame by frame. This is barely funny, you just get distracted by the crappy animation the whole time watching it.

Not cool

This video was very poorly made, it looks like you just whipped this flash up in a matter of minutes and then just complained for like 4 minutes, Nothing was very good about this video, the animation the voice acting, even the title of the video doesn't really make sense. The reason i gave you a one was i will admit the very end was kinda clever but outside of that i just cant five you any higher score. Also why is this in the awesome section?