Reviews for "Awesome Grounds"


I'll be honest, I like the works of you, Ashford, as well as Egoraptor. That said, I don't see how you have the right to criticise another flash author, especially one who easily uses more original material than you. To be honest one could call Pheonix Wrong to be even worse. I mean, you hardly make any of the humor, you just copy-paste sprites from Pheonix Wright, and then think of situations that loosely work with the animations.

AshfordPride responds:

That's the joke, lol.

I preferred Egoraptor's animations.

Claiming that anyone who likes egoraptor has no taste is just a closed-minded opinion. If you don't like his animations, that's fair enough and it's your opinion... That doesn't mean you should pressure others who like them into thinking they're crap.

As for the actual cartoon, I'm not going to criticise the graphics since this is only a piss-take, so you probably didn't intend to make the graphics any good. Also, I suggest scripting this movie... The Improv Humour wasn't particularly funny.
Although, one thing that did make me laugh was the tank at the beginning going VRROOOOM!!! I like silly humour like that.

This guy has no taste...PERIOD!!!

Okay, so anyone who likes Egoraptor has "no taste whatsoever"? Don't make me laugh! First off, the jokes you made about Egoraptor in this flash, are just not funny at all, and the animation is just poorly done. You could at least do something about the lip flapping and dude, work on the animation! Overall, this is a poor attempt at bashing on an already popular animator/VA on Newgrounds. This is anything but entertaining, funny, or worth watching. To put it bluntly, this artist clearly has no taste whatsoever.

IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude wtf that was horrible I stop watching like 12 seconds after it statered and Egoraptor is pretty damn funny dont hate noob XD


I think your characters mouths made my cat have a seizure and you got way to repetitive and wtf was with the random ass anime character? You deserve an epic fail for this.