Reviews for "Precision Strike"


This is what I call a perfect first timer submission. It's not a test, it's not a trailor, but you took the time to make something, and to see it through.

The 3 months paid off because this was great for your first submission. Great action, great sound effects. The only thing that I could suggest is her anatomy. Some scenes her face seemed pretty chubby. I would recommend making a character sheet, and draw what she will look like from different angles, so when you draw it in Flash, she still seems proportionale.

Otherwise, fantastic job.

Not bad

Not amazing, but certainly not bad. I like how in the future where space travel is common place, turbine engines are still used. How so very convenient. :P

I liked it. Hope to see more in the future.

Nice fluid animation.

This actually is pretty good! I was expecting another low quality shittily (?) done Flash, but this was not bad! Keep up the good work.


Awesome for your 1st full animation


now thats a messy hair! lol, this deserves a frontpage, just one advice, next time try not to use the multi-layered body, it looks very unnatural, try fbf and it will be a masterpiece.