Reviews for "Precision Strike"


For using Flash for only 3 months, that was some very spectacular work! Well done, it's obvious you've worked very hard at it. I look forward to seeing more of your submissions.

Front PAGE!!

woow thats amazing man honestly its about time though...like I usually go on the portal to blam and save flashes depending on them but its reare when you finally get one where your like totally surprised and go...TAHTS going on the front page!! lol

Great stuff inspired by StarWars and Matrix though? haha its awsome though seriosuly loved it! umm no real critiqeuing from me...hoenstly was really well done.

Excellent work

nice backgrounds and details! Wish this was longer and also if you're going to make a next one, try making more special stunts will ya?

Very nice!

The graphics are good, the music, everything. Bravo!

nicely done

Only thing that wouldve been better was the main characters face. Otherwise preety much awsome