Reviews for "Pico 2 Gameplay Demo"

Please, Tom!

Just Submit Pico 2 already!

good draw

but is only this?
Pico kill uberkids?


Why you maked alien hominid game and forgotten about your (i think) first creation.make that pico 2 WE are waiting for ya


...can someone please tell me why so many people on this site can't take a joke? it's a gross, parodic oversimplification of the first pico game. in other words, it's intentionally retarded. it even says it in the comments. so please, cease your shenanigans, newgrounders. seriously.

(this doesn't really deserve a 10, but i always enjoy being a statistical outlier. :D)

this was in 2002...

im pritty sure that was before the one you are all talking about