Reviews for "Pico 2 Gameplay Demo"


Where pico 2 in waiting Over Nine thousands years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its SUPPOSED to be crappy. Its a joke. lol anyway in my oppinion at least the best way to go about pico 2 is to do it as the next behemoth game. Can't you picture it? Pico with an ooblong shaped head and small body, his eyes slightly misplaced and a wide mouth. the pointy nose and floppy hair of the new pico stay, It'd be freakin sweet.

This looks kinda sucky.

I mean I understand that you just made this to get out the basic game play of this but the game play looks kinda bad. And when are you going to MAKE PICO 2? Please Tom. Stop making us wait. PLEASE!


for a few seconds on a loop, this is pretty good, ive seen worse, B- ^^


its born only uberkids getting killid come on man