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Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

Great Game! A nice escape from other games!!

Great job on this much needed game! More phrases from that pesky dragon would have been nice like "you've almost got me" and "just a little more".
Very happy - must go now - I think I've almost got him.

Good game

Loved the south park episode, so this was a lot of fun

I've been playing for hours

But I still can't catch that bloody dragon, any hints? lol

"No, Stop it Dad, you can't catch the dragon. "
"Stan how dare you turn it off, I was so close, turn it back on now, listen to me, I'M YOUR FATHER DAM IT!"


i almost got'em

what happens when you catch the dragon?! do you get to rape it?! >:D jk i know you never fucking catch the fucking dragon, just like how South Park will get you a date


funny hints the 1 star but nothing else...