Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

Best game of ALL TIME!

I knew someone would make this cool ass game finally! I've been searching and searching! Heroin hero is the best! you just keep chasing the dragon! but you never catch the dragon. you just keep chasing it!


A bit rough on detailing but humerous non the less.

Great Game! A nice escape from other games!!

Great job on this much needed game! More phrases from that pesky dragon would have been nice like "you've almost got me" and "just a little more".
Very happy - must go now - I think I've almost got him.

Good game

Loved the south park episode, so this was a lot of fun

I've been playing for hours

But I still can't catch that bloody dragon, any hints? lol

"No, Stop it Dad, you can't catch the dragon. "
"Stan how dare you turn it off, I was so close, turn it back on now, listen to me, I'M YOUR FATHER DAM IT!"