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Reviews for "Cursing Keyboard."

Pretty addicting!

Really old school

I always thought it was REALLY strange and kinda stupid you put "eat" in there as one of the keys. I know it goes with "shit", but by itself it doesn't work at all, and when it's hit during a song like the first song Mary had a little Lamb, it really breaks the flow and sounds weird with the rest. The same goes with "head" and "you" of course. Also "pecker" really doesn't work since it's a two syllable word. Not sure why you didn't use "cunt", "cock", "pussy" if you like using multiple syllables, or some other obvious ones that also actually count as swear words. But I guess the idea in general is just some kiddy play thing for 5th graders so it doesn't really matter.

I guess for what it is, and for being racy for 10 year olds, you gotta take it at face value. I'm still surprised the "swear bears" got the attention they did back in the old internet, even if the internet didn't have real animation websites back then and any novelty could be funny in a boring office environment. They all seemed like the author didn't really care that much, and they received more attention than the author gave them to begin with. Oh well, heh.


Love it


TWAT!! xD!!!

Best Game Ever

"Fuck you asshole eat shit pecker head." LOL best ever