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Reviews for "Cursing Keyboard."

it's good

i'm giveing it an eight because i would like more turns to play along to


fuck u ass hole i love this i can do this all day


thats the best piano game ever invented!


Wow, it is great to take a look back at a submission that caused so much change on this website. The coolest thing is probably the way he dances. The voice is actually pretty adorable. That makes it all the funnier when he says all the worst swear words out there. There are simply a really good variety of lines that you can make yourself. Even if most of them don't make sense, it's still great to look at as the graphics it does have are pretty impressive.

I guess you might consider this a soundboard, but it's probably too small to qualify. It's fun just to see this bear raise his arms and body while he swears. It's also fun to hear him not quite finish his words before you go to another word. It's incredibly simple, but that is all that it needs to be. I didn't even discover the "Songs" part until now!


Great piano game!