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Reviews for "One Million Pageviews"



Cute Song

The animation was good, as usual, the song was pretty good. I didn't think this flash was as humorous as your others though. Still it's pretty good. The with all the 0's must actually be a tool (what a waste of a review). Well, you're still one of my favorite flash artists here.


i actually know of teruchan XD
this made me laugh 7/10

I gave this submission a vote of "2"

Cause I really dont see why the ppl of NGs should care about your Deviant Art problems...
if you are jealous because other ppl can get 1000000 views on deviant art... well then
you should talk to the ppl of deviant art about it!

Besides my personal thoughts, The flash quality of this work wasnt all that great either... the art wasnt as top-notch as those ive seen on deviant art! You should have used more shading and toning. I know drawing is difficult but hey, thats why we learn huh? lol!
And there menu screen?! I dunno you could have made the title page and menu screen a lil bit more fancy! heh!
Well, thats about it! Not a bad animation though. It just did not capture me!
sorry. =O(

LazyMuffin responds:

Wow, you're THAT slow?
I thought it was pretty obvious its a joke.
All of the artists I laughed at even got the joke.

I don't think that this animation requires shading and toning, the style of the animation is simple.
I can almost smell the douchebeg.


Your voice sounds funny