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Reviews for "One Million Pageviews"

Reviewing at 105 views

I really liked that quick fake end; it caught me off guard.

I see clear similarities between yours and Tim Frommeyer art style (whom I see is your favorite author). Facial details are simple and cute.

Music is a nice little ditty that could get stuck in my head if I knew the people you were referring to.

Overall, a great little piece of work. Probably the best piece of work I've seen celebrating reaching a certain page view count. Usually they're just some lame image destroying by the thank you message. But you take the event and turn it into a worthy subject matter.

Page view +1


You used me ;(

Now make me moar cartoons >:C


nice one! haha...double ended insult...i like it :P...keep up the goood work

Aaah... Deviantart...

You are pretty good with a guitar. =D

I remember how when I was Deviantart that everyone's avatar was of their Gaia person. XD

Great song!

Foung=d the easter eggs!