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Reviews for "One Million Pageviews"

Yotam Perel is tha shit

Man, have I ever voted you less than a 5?

I am another of your meaningless devoted tools.

keep up the funnies!

p.s. holy crap newgrounds has changed a lot since i was here last... meh, off to work.

Easter eggs = TEH FUNNEH PARTZ

Awesome, I FOUND THE EASTER EGG (If you can call it that.)
The easter eggs was the funniest :P
But the song rocked, the animation did too.
Cool thing that you write your own songs!
(If you do :P)
I loke the way you make the voices lighter.
It makes the movie more crtoony.
As you did in "bang bang youre dead".
You rock!
What program do you use bytheway to make your voice lighter?
You rock!
You rock!




Wuv u.


that was excellent animation and it was really funny as well, good job!

Finally someone does something about the fanboys.

As always, superb job.

BTW, when are we gonna do that cartoon?