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Reviews for "2pacalife(1)"

From a huge tupac fan...

i love tupac, definatly my favorite artist of all time. I love to see Pac flash still in the portal. But this looks thrown together. You should of spent more time on it and made it a little more presentable and crisp. Looks like you found a template online and put your info in it. I have a Tupac movie also if you care to watch.. just the story of his last few hours. But good try man.. not bashing you.

Shoulda taken more time

Awesome work but could have put more thought to it and added more info but awesome non the less


AWesome but add more info

Not really a game...

It wasn't really a game...more of like a bio. You should have called it like 2pac Biography or something like that

This is not a game...

... or a movie. Like what was said before, this is just some info anyone could look up....

I cant give this any stars. Nothing against you or 2pac, but this really has no place here.