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Reviews for "2pacalife(1)"

2pac 4 ever

i like what u did its hella cool u got's my love and respect who cares what them haters think and i have to ask were did you get the beat it was hard core and i want to get that 2....yea and kadafi was killed 2 months after 2pac was killed the reson behind that was he new who killed 2pac and was going to retaliate agents them..it was sad he was shot in the head....only a couple of the outlaws stayed around the rest did there own thing...im a big 2pac fan i grew up with him in my life cuz my older bro got me listening to him hella young well hit me up later bro..

Pac is god of rap

Dre was a friend i thought???????????

2pac Lives on!

Pac never dies,he is a legend!

an interactive biography...

this is great, the only error is that it is way too short. i love pac and i thought this was quite interesting

tTLight-SephirothTt responds:

Alright kool thanks man got a new version of this commin' up so it will be better.


Whens the new version