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Reviews for "Starfall"

it's ok

its good but it could use levels and power ups + it's mad hard, make it a little easier dude

feels way too swingy

Btw, it's spelt 'Orisinal'.

Lovely music and in-game graphics. The 'submit' typography and the sound-off button, which clashes with in-game colours, let down the graphics marginally.

Took me a few goes to understand the controls, as I was expecting it to work like the orisinal game that it looks so much like.

I liked the addition of different types of stars, but the whole game felt a bit too swingy for my liking. The RNG can make stars virtually inacessible without touching a 'bad' star simultaneously. When that happens, due to the drop in energy, sudden fall and the fact that lower down the screen we get little warning of obstacles, a single hit seems to always cause a death and can often feel like a result of the RNG rather than a lack of skill.

I'd work to eliminate the effect random numbers have, add more variation and continue refining the graphis.