Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

Good work! =]

not sure what the point of it was... =P but anyways i listened to the song and saw it was used in this and i dont regret watching this...it was....um.....entertaining? confusing but entertaining and great choice of music....i give ya an 8/10 ^^ good work ...MAKE MORE

Achilleuss responds:

Heh, watch my second one ;) It's called Choose Your Poison

not bad i enjoyed it

not too bad it was kinda funny, good song XD i like macs and linux (but i cant have any of the 2 DX)

Go mac

Just coz i like mac doesnt mean its good it means its really good

Ps im writing this on a mac


i noticed that most of the error images were pasted on there, but i did see an Original Xbox error screen XD

I like niether

Linux+WINE = gaming and Eye candy for free :P