Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"


errm....ok this is your first submission but to show some pics to the music is a little...errm...you know..

whatever...good idea

Dammm you mac users:

yeah I know that windows is bloated piece of trash. but its damm sight cheaper and play games you know GAMES !

not bad flash though

Achilleuss responds:

Actually, OS X only costs $129. Compare that to Vista and you're saving quite a bit....Not to mention that since the OSx86 project is not classified as illegal, that means you can still get OSX(running on a PC commonly known as a hackintosh) for free ;-)

i hear u

i love my mac.. but i also hate the beachball of death, also known as the spinning pin wheel.. once that happens, it's almost a never recover situation... and that's what i loved about my windows... yes, even though i had to leave it for half a day to sort itself out if it froze, but at least it does so.. i know of some macs at university that stay frozen for days, up until someone holds down the power... but still, i do agree, i love these things, too powerful


Apple shoud win.

linux bitch

just a bunch of pictures.