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Reviews for "The 300th Man"

That was weird.

I thought you said you played as a spartan warrior, not an egg with arms and a helmet. Not a bad try though.

ShiningCross responds:

Thanks. It is supposed to be a cartoonish version of a spartan warrior, hence the circular shape.


dude this is m... like the second time you send this!

ShiningCross responds:

That was a beta version. This is the final game.

Good potential.

Could use a lot more work though. The concept is good. What you gonna need is basically, better gameplay, graphics and add a bit of music. And for the "dead-end" choices, make it at least that the player can fight back or do something even though in the end he dies. This way, as with a lot of choice-based games, the player won't go "wtf" when he/she dies. Could be a lot better though, but don't give up!


Nice. You should probally do one of three

I can tell you're kinda new to this, so don't get discuouraged when I say some constructive criticism. There are usually some things that make good games stand out from normal things. If you add some background music, that would boost this otherwise boring game enough to make it a worthwile venture for some gamers. If you make checkpoint so that if you die late in, you don't get completely screwed. And, you need to work on the story. Your main character dosen't have a name, you can't tell anythingabout him, and you need to add some more backstory other than "I've been training sine I was seven, blah blah blah." Adding all three would take up WAY too much time, so I'd just update it with one thing to make it better.
Nice concept. There were also some gameplay flaws, such as too many dead-end endings and only one real path to go on to win.
Oh, and trust me, if I'd submitted this, it would be a lot worst so don't go a-rantin' about how mean I am because I gave it a low score.


this kind of game should have more than 2 choices each time and more variety

ShiningCross responds:

Yeah. I was thinking about that when I made it, but just never got to it.