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Reviews for "The 300th Man"

Good potential.

Could use a lot more work though. The concept is good. What you gonna need is basically, better gameplay, graphics and add a bit of music. And for the "dead-end" choices, make it at least that the player can fight back or do something even though in the end he dies. This way, as with a lot of choice-based games, the player won't go "wtf" when he/she dies. Could be a lot better though, but don't give up!



this kind of game should have more than 2 choices each time and more variety

ShiningCross responds:

Yeah. I was thinking about that when I made it, but just never got to it.

Spartan VS. Jungle Bunnies?!!

Pac-man in a Spartan uniform..very different. Its not bad..its not good.....nice work...

ShiningCross responds:

Thank you.


dude this is m... like the second time you send this!

ShiningCross responds:

That was a beta version. This is the final game.

That was weird.

I thought you said you played as a spartan warrior, not an egg with arms and a helmet. Not a bad try though.

ShiningCross responds:

Thanks. It is supposed to be a cartoonish version of a spartan warrior, hence the circular shape.