Reviews for "Mooble"

great game

great game challenging but not too easy, keep up the good work.


This is an awesome game!
It took a while to figure out but once I found out it was fun :D


I managed to do it after 4 turns, or 3 i forget. But that was awesome very intelligent game.

Great game.

Awesome game. I used to play a game similar to this all the time. Great game.

Helps mental prowess

Awesome game, a good work out for the brain also. Makes you think while having fun. Will there be any more games like this? If there wil be, the only thing i can suggest would be to add levels or harder modes, like 8 marbles or more.

jackcole responds:

It's been a while since I've been active on Newgrounds. Unfortunately some real work has seriously gotten in the way of taking Big Bomb Games further the past 6 months, but we're finally back on track. Yes, there will be more games like this. Now that we've got some time to put into BBG again we're completing a game we started back in October and looking into which games we're going to develop next (another code breaker style game is on the short list.)