Reviews for "Mooble"

one problem

I really like this, but the control leaves a bit to be desired... having to click over and over the cycle colours? :(

Anyway, it's a cool game.

jackcole responds:

Controls/selections were something we had some difficulties figuring out. We played around with some different ideas (like having all 6 marbles available from a selectable area that you would drag to your guesses, etc.) but all the other solutions we came up with seemed too complex... like they were too much additional work for the player. If you have any ideas on a different method I would love to talk to you.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Challenging and addictive!

I'd like to see this on my iPod, hells yeah! Great graphics, I always wonder how people make such great graphics. Are you using Photoshop or something? Nice gameplay as well, but I'd rather like using some other key combination instead of shift-click. right-click would be better, or backspace or something. Nonetheless, great game!

jackcole responds:

We would like to see it on an iPod as well! IF Apple ever puts Flash on the iPhone and iPod Touch we are definitely going to make versions of our game to fit that format. In the meantime we are at least throwing around the idea of making javascript versions to run in Safari on them.

As far as the graphics, probably 95% of our work starts out in Illustrator. Sometimes we'll start out in Photoshop, depending on the type of image we're going for, but since the imagery is going into Flash, we try to keep the designs in vector art. For this Mooble, the interface was built in Illustrator and the marbles started life in Illustrator, but (and this is unusual) we finished them off in Flash as we found the gradient tools in Flash were giving us much better results for the particular look we were going for.


I'm not sure if it is a program glitch or if I am losing it but I was playing and had 3 white dots and next step I do 3 colors same 1 change and I have 2 white and 1 blue so than I go back to change the original one I changed back to it's original color and move that color elsewhere assuming it was correct and submit and it was 2 blue dots confused the hell outta me to say the least. Like I said maybe it was just me but the dots seemed to be glitchy. Generally thought simple non-addictive game to waste a couple minutes on.

jackcole responds:

The dots up top don't correspond to any specific position. So if you're first dot is white, all that means it one of your marbles is the correct color in the correct position, not necessarily the first marble.


nice verison of this type of puzzle


not the best game ever it hurts my head but if you a p[uzzle solver lover then this is you game!