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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

yeah that was pretty good for ur first

hey space cowgirl wanna go out sometime? lol jk but i do agree with her it was rather humorous in fact


hah. that was slightly amusing.... good job for your first.

saw it coming from a mile away!

too obvious, oh and to the idiot who reviewed this last ShadowFinale, allah is just another name for god, the name muslums use. asshole. and i didnt capitolize allah or god on purpose. i think religion is bullshit. and anyways muslums are branch off jews right? yes im right. and what are christians? branch off jews. and islam recognizes jesus as a prophet. ignorant scum you are shadowfinale. and yes i picked up all my info in school which youve never been too ehh shadowfinale? peace out all. im glad to have enlightened all who read this. PEACE OUT

Don't u watch the damn TV.

Ok, listen the guy is a Muslim, NOT a Christian, hell, he worships Allah, I mean come on, this ain't even halfway decent, it sucks, i've seen better shit come out a cows ass, this shit don't belong on NG.


he dont even celebrate christmas he belives in allah