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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"


Except for this one. This one was unique, it had something to it that none of the other Osama movies have. It had artisitic ability, it had style, but most of all, it had originality. The whole Osama gig isn't original, but it's original when you put a whole new twist to it like you did.
I thank you for doing this movie, and showing Newgrounds what you need to do to make a topic that is overused, interesting.

This game is the best damn movie yet.

Cocklesby you are a fucking retard If You think binladen is nice!!! He Is a damn asshole! This movie is the best i've seen yet!!

Great first!

The movie was great! Keep up the great work!


Very nicely done for a first try, but the Bin Laden shit is getting a little stale. Besides, hes not such a bad guy.

good... good.... good.....

man this is pretty good for yas first go at something mine wasnt as good as this my first go but i did a slack job