Reviews for "Blamformers!"


Glad to see everyone's stuff turned out cool. And it's just plain awesome to be co-authored.

Good job everbody and thanks for including me in this!

BLAMFORMERS! Exactly what meets the eye.

BLAMFORMERS! Ate my fuckin pie!!! This is the ownage of all my life. I would sell my self into slavery to see this shit once but I don't have to do that and I get to see it as many times as I like?!? Your kidding me!!!!!1 I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN!!!1111 Oh and also, starscream came on megatron and megatron smiled. Megatron=My new gay love. Cause im gay. Say the word gay because it pwns. Oh and by the way, FIFEN TO HELL AND THEN TO HEAVEN AND THEN BACK AGAIN! Also faved.

Oh this is offf the chain!

Damn I thought Stamper's flash was just going another spoof. but the "I cant belive it's not butter tahing and starscream calling megatron N***a damn near had me piss myself from laughing so hard.


The last bit with Starscream and Megatron was priceless. Prime? PRIME!


Stampers one has to be the best XD