Reviews for "Blamformers!"

I think the only good one was Stamper's, but why is it the last one?!

Why was stampers at the very end so you cant go back to it -.-

Almost all of these animations were really really bad. Some had good humor, but other than that most of them were crap. Not being biased due to the fact I came here to view Stamper's entry, I would say his was the funniest and definitely the best animated.

They all SUCKED the only good ones there by the faces of NG the rest are all terrible and not funny. Tri fusion media had the WORST one out of the whole f ucking collab . this whole video is just a smooth peice of shit. Dont get me wrong they where all terrible in their own special ways but each of them just had somthing that made me angry. I actually got angry at how bad and stupid these jokes where. Oh and btw by faces of ng i mean tom fulp, stamper, and palidin.

Ross is so adorable as a kid.