Reviews for "The Super Tutorial"

Perfect but...

you should explain some important codes and....
how do you make the texts copy-paste-ables

Girdf responds:

the second version is better..

Do you need to download anything to use this?

I'll give you a ten providing that you please give me information if you need to download anything or if it will be recommended. As a new player I would like to know what to do before you select an object, eg. What to go on first.

Please resond, I would really appreciate it. Apart from that, I should say that this is very helpful. Thanks.


I dont get this
But if i know this program it would be sick so id give 5
U should of made it obvious wat program u were talkin about not super tutorial

Halfway decent

I liked the awesome idea, but the AS was just too small to read (usually). So, here is a proper review that goes with your movie:

you.suckballs=true; //it is true!
if(this.isapieceofcrap){ //this is a piece of crap, so:
} //really, you need to work on this


best tutorial on ng, thx man, now i can finaly get the damn camera :D lol