Reviews for "The Super Tutorial"

one problem

cant copy and paste any of the text!
wit the new NG layout the code is realy small to so i cant even type it out myself

Girdf responds:

looks normal to me
and i can copy paste

try right clicking and pressing select all then right click and press copy

if that doesnt work try kicking your computer

No explainations.

When making a tutorial, it's bad to just tell people to copy and paste code. They aren't going to learn a thing.

Girdf responds:

they can always look through the code and try editing it if they wanted to learn

So, I'm new to flash pretty much

And let me tell you, you just saved me hours on my current projects.

Girdf responds:

hopefully you make pretty flashes about bunnies

if not i'm not making any more tutorials


Good and probably the most in depth tutorial on the site.

Girdf responds:


The music >:(

I liked the fact that you had a quiz at the end, just bliss....in a weird way BUT THE MUSIC, it's so annoying...

Girdf responds:

i made a stop sound button :)