Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

35,000th viewer!

I think that some of the sketches went on a bit too long, like the Asian people one. I did like it how that one girl had those little hands or something in her hair. I was nice enough to stay through the ending credits and that was in fact a really cool thing you did at the very end. The animation was drawn really well and it was pretty unique. Perhaps the strangest thing was how the women in 6 seemed to look like they had their breasts one on top of the other! And hey, I learned some Norwegian today!

Fantastic work

It really does live up to its promise of randomness.

(btw I was SO ready for the monster to pop up when you told us to look at the dot)

haha nice lavet ;)

awesome! :3


its awesome and good he is from norway :D

hold kæft den vat sjov :D