Reviews for "Rainbow Road MKW (GaMetal)"

This is perfect

For a introduction to a show.


Holy balls!! the intro grabbed me and pulled me all the way through. Once it dropped at 5 sec i knew this was going to be amazing!! [slowly working my way through your stuff lol] So far this is one of the betters for sure!

Holy shit man

the very start makes it feel like its happening around you there that minute man this is the best one of yours


I've heard almost all of your remixes and I love this one the most:

The Synths are just amazing backing up the Guitars, It all in the key and tone. The Drums are perfect and enhances the entire view of the song. The Surprise Organ also shocked me at how much of a godly transition. The Guitars? Um, I'm basically speechless after hearing this.

I love this remix and I think this is your best. Could you do this?: Battle! Elite Four (4), which is from Pokemon Black and White, It'll be interesting if you ever decided to do it and finish the cover.

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Glad its your favorite! I changed a few of the ways I record/mix/master things, as I do almost every end/beginning of the year.

I am interested in doing something from Pokemon B/W soon, I really like the trainer battle theme alot, but haven't heard the Elite Four one yet. I'll check it out. (I saw you already suggested it on the moderator box on Youtube, thank you!)

Sounds great

The guitar has a really good riff going on as well as the keyboard playing its part. Rainbow Road is always the funnest but most dangerous course since you can fall off at any moment if you don't time yourself with curves. The drums sound very nice as well. The overall riff and covering of the wii version is quite good.

Really enjoyed this. Think you could try some Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door covers sometime?

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I will be doing some Paper Mario soon but the current planned song (Attack of the Koopa Bros) is from the original. I'll see if I can check out some TYD stuff.