Reviews for "Rainbow Road MKW (GaMetal)"


A more rockin version of the original song!

Damn this is freakin awesome man!

The Musik is Great! it sounds a bit like a Sonic song.
It's one of the best songs i heard about MK!


This is the perfect song to stick in Brawl. I've recently learned how to replace songs and this is definitely going right the f*** in! On the actual song itself, it's freakin' amazing. The ONLY thing I can say is maybe tune up the quality a little. Still, amazing song.

The stars...U CAN SEE THEM!!

fk man, this is by far, THE BEST rainbow road ive heard through out NG, i mean really your aiming for the freaking stars with this song!!
10/10 5/5
this is just to epic to even comment on further TwT


Take this up a Notch and Remix the MK64 version and on that note get more Sonic songs goin on like S&K Miniboss just throwing it out there man if you could you will be my Epic Hero man!