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Reviews for "Extreme Russian Roulette"


I so wanted to make one of these, you beat me to it!


this game was good maybe u might take to consideration of making a sequel, with better graphics, muzik, and alot of other sutff.....AND MAYBE EVEN A STORY MODE OR CAMPAIGN!

Best chance game on the internet

this is the best game of chance on the internet that i know and is the best russian roulette game ever. there are so many options and an awesome gameplay system. i found myself praying every time and i was at one point 1 on 1 with the last guy and there were 2 chambers left and one of them had the bullet. it was 50 50 and last shot to win. in the end i died though but it was still an awesome game. this game makes me speechless. you fucking ROCK MAN. THIS GAME IS SO FUCKING AWESOME.THIS GAME IS SO FUCKING AWESOME.THIS GAME IS SO FUCKING AWESOME. I FUCKING LOVE IT. GOD DAMN THIS GAME I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! BRILLIANT GAME. im gonna go play some more.

i loooooooove it!!!!!!!!!1

this author is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his games r great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it would be really goo dif it actually worked on my computor...
everytime it fully goes around and somone has a penatly it freezes...