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Reviews for "BPO Disk"

sweet game

this game is really cool there is nothing wrong with this game but it would be cool if you could pick the song u want to listen to and i gave u a 10 for humor cuz i thought it was funny when it spun really fast, keep up the good work and make another one

hahaha nice

hah it reminds me of ddr nice work though i actually will play this a lot especially while high or drunk amazing lol

loved it!!

At first thought it was really good, until it started spinning, then I was like oh shit... But aftre a few tries I made it to the end and playe it masses since then. Really like it!!! Spinning take a bit of getting used to but makes it all the better once you are! Nice choise of music too. Well done! =]

That was intense, man

Ok, I officially love this game and hope it takes first prize.

This is one of the few truly innovative games to come out of the rock out competition. It adds a level of challenge that I was not expecting going into it. The spinning is a twist of pure genius.

Even more importantly, the lights and the music were ACTUALLY SYNCHED! Very few games so far have managed that!

I loved the scoring system as well. It made me feel like I was sooo talented when I got to the end and my score was about 300000 times what I expected. Even if everyone else still scored higher on the high score list. (#29 of the day, baybee!)

I had a *LOT* of fun playing this, and have only a few suggestions to improve it.

1.) Give the lights a little color.
Not multiple colors, since that would make it too easy, as you could go by color rather than direction, but just one color. Make them easier to see. My biggest frustration was in being unable to tell if a light was coming or not as the disc spun.

2.) Slightly better music.
The music was good, but it didn't stand out much. I can't tell you what exactly would be more successful, but look around. See what you can find. Maybe a couple of faster songs.

3.) MORE music.
It would be nice if it lasted a bit longer. I was sad to see it end.

4.) Some form of challenge mode.
Perhaps an endless mode, with a really catchy loop of some sort, or just a really hard, fast song with much spinning.

It looked good, it played great, and it's won me over. Got my fingers crossed and praying for your victory. Congrats in advance.

What the!?

This could be the best Rythm game evermade...... I think that this is a mega challenging game specially for those that have crappy reflexes. There should be BPO Disk 2: revenge of the spinning Wheel...Gnarly Work!