Reviews for "Movie Intro"


Just as always it was bloody genius and I hope to see more of your work in the future! :D

- InfiniteInsanity

SuperGoodSound responds:



I have about seven of your songs on my mp3 that I listen to just about every day, they're all so brilliant! This one included - beautifully eerie and perfect for the game as well.
Definitely agree with the comment below, wish it was longer! I would have loved to hear more. But its perfect the way it is; thank you so so much for sharing!! :)

SuperGoodSound responds:

thanks for teh downloads : )


Great evolving ambiance, and nice quiet use of piano. I really enjoyed this, shame it's so short though, I think it could've been drawn out a bit longer!

Very nice, though. :)


SuperGoodSound responds:

i do a lot of pretty short ones i find

great stuff

really dig your work, did a great job on this song :)

SuperGoodSound responds:

thanks! I'm glad evil-dog also enjoyed it