Reviews for "Movie Intro"


This reminds me a little of the Nightmare on Elm Street theme. Everything flows very nicely and the outcome sounds professional, but if you were going for a creepy tone, you might have wanted to use more tritones, especially for the end. Something about the lack of ambiance felt like it took some of the power out of it, though.


but a little scary >.<

SuperGoodSound responds:

lol, then i succeeded i guess

Seems more sci-fi to me

It gives me more of a sci-fi than a horror vibe. Not necessarily a bad thing, makes me think of the Reapers from Mass Effect actually.

Song is Good.

Song is very good. Atmosphere created by this song very cool. I think that this song will be used in future in Fear Games(Zombies, etc.)


Awesome track

I got to work making a fan made trailer for a game as soon as I heard it, using it for the intro.

Love your work.

SuperGoodSound responds: