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Reviews for "Clay!"


Thats some mad claymation man.
you have some crazy skills.


mattuiop responds:


Well made!

Definetly one of the smoother, well paced, and stylish claymation I've seen on NG, (and trust me I watched 90% of them). You have talent to say the least!

I couldn't help but notice that your clay sticks to the surfaces you have been using for this, and that sometimes your clay got "contaminated" by other colors, (I know it can be hard to avoid...). I cannot suggest very much to solve this problem, but I can suggest another type of clay you can use that is resistant to, at least, the contamination problem. Have you heard of polymer clay? It works wonders, it is very smooth, and streches instead of ripping itself apart. Such a brand of this clay is called Sculpey, but there are others... Well that's all I have to say for now! Keep up the great work.

mattuiop responds:

thank u for all that advice

u realy watched 90% of clay on ng!


Very good!

Wow, this is awesome. it is smooth and fun to watch. keep it up.

mattuiop responds:

Thank 4 the support!

Pretty good

I always love a good claymation. Heh, dont know why but the song made me giggle. The quality wasnt the best, but the quantity and creativity of little claymations made up for that. I liked the little player type thing at the bottom of the screen. Youre hand was in one of the pictures, tisk tisk! Hah, just messing. I thought it was great, good work man!

mattuiop responds:

peace 2 u 2!


the ornage clay had some white in it, just to let you know

mattuiop responds:

thanks for telin me!