Reviews for "Mardek Rpg: Chapter 1"

effen a

nice damn game dude amazing. its funny in some parts when you talk to the villagers and has drama that rodoph guy is kind of a moron but smart =O and i KNEW i was gonna lose my level 50 status i cant figure out the reaction things cuz i keep screwing up when i go to commoner status instead of hero status. but awesome ass game ^_^ Brazilboy@4000yahoo.co.m send me an email incase if i miss the the mardek games your gonna make cuz im going on vacation soon summer and btw that email adress is also my msn

Autosaves BLESS YOU!!

Allright, You have deserved all good things said about this RPG game!
I simply love the dumb & dumber type of heroes, it's well put and practically good!
The game has a lot to offer, interactions, things you can read in the encyclopedia etc.
Battle system is good! especially the reaction function is a nice thing to add!!

Autosave saved my score for this game.. it had a few minor bugs which caused the game to crash (crashing games in an RPG equals crying babies)
I found 2, one was when I took a potion in the Barracs.. the second one was in a store.
Autosave, saves everytime you enter a building so no replays had to be done therefore the game is in a good playable state (just restart the game and load and go from where you left)

You'llhave my 5's

Reminded me alot of good ol' Final Fantasy

This was done very well. It kept me interested. Good style, although done as many other old RPG's are, but hey, it works.
I definatly think that if you compile the whole series (once your done) you could sell it. It's very good.

I liked the villains. <333

I love this game so much.
It seriously made my day, my week, my uhh month?
Sure why not.
It was brilliant.
BRILLIANT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really loved it a lot lot lot.


now this is pretty good man I enjoied I was playing it wile waiting for my friend to get off work at the liberary and it helped kill time so I feel more should be made

p.s. the dragon was to easy