Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

It had a chance.

Well... This would be a great if not awesome game, but it has two flaws. the first one which many of you have mentioned was the pay to play alot of the cooler things. While this may work for MMOs and RPGs and things, it doesnt for flash games. Also, its very hard to land alot of the time, you have to line up just right, and if you crash, you never have enough money, so its just game over.

DAMN IT !!!!1

if only i had a credit card i would sooo totally buy it ..... well ... awsome game anyways ....

great game but...

brilliant game and good graphics and quite fun upgrades and different planes but it shoul;dnt be cut in half just so some dude can take all our money!!


brilliant game but shouldnt have to buy the full version i mean flash games are sposed to be free


this game is super cool