Reviews for "->- Skies of War -<-"

Great thing await you.

But you said the game was made by Youda games or something, so it's not your own work?
If it is, then it's incredible, if not, then oh dear.

Youdagames responds:

Dunja is part of the Youdagame dvelopement team ;-)

Well its an ok game but this is just a demo...

Well first off it would take me forever and a day to make this ...that being said..the graphics where pretty good for flash but not top notch but the style reminded me of a an nintendo game so thats why that is ten..the sound was pretty good for the most part... violence got a six becuase the action in this demo was pretty lame and slow paced. as far as the interactivity it seemed a lil weird to control.. seems like it would be better using the keyboard plus the target never shot where i wnated it to but having a map is sweet ....as far as humor goes well...duh anyways overall is a 3 why? because its a demo and i wouldn't pay 6 bucks to play the rest when i can download any game i want for free.


Fucking sweet man!