Reviews for "Certain Madness"

bad ending

nice job bad ending

too rushed

The movement was too fast i couldnt follow how hank hank killed his victims or how jesus whacked hank.

awesome...but too rush....

i wish krinkels put some werewolves in his version.....for those who manage to shoot Hank...it is just a lucky shot or Hank just careless.....

It's OK.

Body movement was too rushed, kinda hard to follow along with, He went flying through walls a little much.... and some other issues.. But it was a good animation and so you are still getting half of the stars.

that madness combined fighting demons

madness is a combination of 2 and 3, only appearing more zombies and that is not in jebus without glasses, and that dog to die lol, hank dies but resists of those shots