Reviews for "Certain Madness"


Thats so awesome cool! youre ery good at making madness flashes!

Wow that was great

That was the beat tribute to madness combat.


It's like Madness Apotheosis, but better quality! And yes, I'm realistic! Make another part, but another story, not too much like something Krinkels made.

PERFECT!!!! 10/10/10/10!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is by far the....greatest flash submission in honour of Krinkles. Are you his apprentice? is he teaching you his ways, so that in the future, you can take his place? HOLY SHIT ! This is sooooo fuckin awsome. If it didn't say Erixs at the top I would think Krinkles made this........DAAAAM THIS IS AWSOME ! ! ! 5/5, 10/10 ! WOW YOU EARNED THAT HARDCORE ! ! !

wow, you rock!

the coolest trib ive seen evur!!!!