Reviews for "NewbieScape 7"

Runescape in a box

Yeap kiddies, runescape sucks... You managed to gather some of the ambience of runescape in there quite well.
The animation could use some work, but not like I could do much better myself lol.

good job 4/5, because I played runescape at one point, I still recognize all those cliches.

Great Job

that was amazing i loved it when he was like" i'll err get my lvl 80 hmm errr pure...." Lol that happens alot to me when people say crap and i'm like lets get it on and i'm using my lvl 3 dude so i switch to my lvl 77 then all of a sudden the guy runs away and i'm like aww no newb killing today :'(

very real done 5/5

- Shawn

Lopaxe responds:

like, yay

part 7

man it's part seven?That means there is 6 more!!!Yahoo!!!I will be enjoying it!Best new today :) Thanks man!

Lopaxe responds:

ha, tu lietuvis

Much Better Than Teh ZaD

I 5'd

Lopaxe responds:

personally, i think so too. this mixes ma style and people that are not in that kinda random shit style and it breeds one ncie job... i shoulda put more effort into this anyway...

Nice flash.

Funny and true. Some runescape quests were really that ambigous, and also, mining always ended like that.
I also liked the club part. Nice idea of adding the 50 cent song.

Funny plot, nice graphics, and good sound. Keep up the good work.

Lopaxe responds:

Lol, it's probly the fist time i was told that my graphics were good