Reviews for "NewbieScape 7"

Nice flash.

Funny and true. Some runescape quests were really that ambigous, and also, mining always ended like that.
I also liked the club part. Nice idea of adding the 50 cent song.

Funny plot, nice graphics, and good sound. Keep up the good work.

Lopaxe responds:

Lol, it's probly the fist time i was told that my graphics were good

Good But, ...

Look y're movie is great! But, Silkroad is better than runescape!!!

Lopaxe responds:

maybe.. some of my friends went to silkroad instead of RS. Anyway, manny came back... runescape has to offer more stuff.


thats was pretty funny. i played ruinscape a while ago, great. i hate those annoying old guys >.< even tho this kinda things been done before, it was pretty good, keep it up.

Lopaxe responds:

well.. tis kidna things we're done before by me also.. that's why movies is called newbiescape SEVEN